4 Tools to Be More Productive as a Digital Marketer

4 Tools to Be More Productive as a Digital Marketer

(Last Updated On: 05/04/2020)

4 Tools to Be More Productive as a Digital Marketer

A working day in the schedule of a digital marketer is always hectic. He knows when he starts the day, but he cannot be sure when the work will be over.

His tasks are always diverse. From day-to-day marketing activities to developing marketing campaigns, they are all included in a digital marketer’s agenda.

On the other hand, we live in a world dominated by KPIs and productivity pressure. Therefore, most digital marketers need various tools to be more efficient and meet deadlines.

Marketing is not an easy domain to handle. Even though you want to keep everything organized, the plan is not always working as it should be.

So, if you want to improve your productivity as a digital marketer, you should take a look at this article.

  1. ContentCal will help you keep your editorial calendar organized

When you are a digital marketer, it is essential to keep track of your editorial flow.

You will need to know to the tiniest detail what content is being generated every day, what has been already published, and what are the plans regarding the next posts.

Thus, you will need to be extremely organized to make sure that you don’t miss any information. To keep track of all these details, you can create a dashboard on the wall in your office and update it regularly.

But, when you work with other team members, updating the editorial calendar on the wall becomes a tedious work.

So, you will need an effective tool to help you with managing a large amount of content. There are plenty of alternatives that you can use. 

Still, the best idea would be to use a tool that has been specially created for this type of work. Its features will make your content planning and marketing efforts easier.

ContentCal is an effective option to try. It makes content planning easier for any busy digital marketer. You can quickly add content ideas and create content briefs for each idea that you add.

Also, it comes with social media features that help you foster collaboration between team members.

Thus, each member of your team can add updates on the topic that he is dealing with directly on the social media platform for which he is in charge.

  1. Optimize your content with TextOptimizer

Productivity in content marketing comes with optimization. It is not easy to produce fresh content constantly. The process involves brainstorming for ideas, intensive research for content, and content writing.

Once the content is produced, you cannot move forward and publish it unless you make sure it is optimized. When you are in the middle of such a tedious process, you can use Text Optimizer to help you with all the tasks related to content creation. The way it works is effortless. 

First, you will need to type the topic you are targeting directly on Google.

The tool will take the search extracts directly from Google and apply semantic analysis on it.

The result that it will return will contain related concepts and entities around which you can build your content. Thus, your research process becomes straightforward and faster.

Text Optimizer shows you a list of concepts that you can cover if you want to reach your target audience and improve your SEO.

Also, the tool will help you with optimization as the identified concepts will help you reach a higher ranking. 

  1. Personalize your landing pages with the help of Alter

The latest marketing trends talk about offering a unique experience to users. Therefore, personalized marketing has become a top priority for any digital marketer.

Alter is a tool that can help you personalize your CTAs using various criteria. Its mechanism of action is very simple.

Alter uses the information obtained from non-personal data across the web for each user, determines his or her interests, and comes with suggestions on what type of CTA is suitable for each person that comes on your website. 

Thus, you can be sure that you offer a unique experience to each user and increase your brand’s popularity. Also, your work is done faster and much easier.

You won’t have to organize your users manually in groups and try to personalize your CTAs based on their interests.

All you have to do is create a variety of CTA options based on various types of interests and let Alter do its job. 

  1. Grammarly will make sure that your grammar and spelling are just right

When you are a digital marketer, you know that you cannot publish any piece of content unless you have previously proofread it.

You can do this using an in-house proofreader or do the task yourself. But this strategy won’t help you become more productive or bring you more readers.

Any human can make mistakes and miss a minor grammar or spelling error. Once a reader discovers it, your credibility will have to suffer, and so will your popularity among your target audience.

So, it is always a better idea to use a tool to help you become more productive in your proofreading process. Grammarly is an excellent tool to help you with this task.

You can use it for free and let it do its job of identifying any major grammar and spelling issues. 

In case you opt to pay the subscription, then the proofreading process becomes more advanced. Grammarly will check your texts for any grammar issues.

It will also propose alternatives to those words or phrases that can affect your readability. Also, Grammarly can check your texts for plagiarism.

So, you have an all-inclusive option that makes sure that you publish unique and plagiarism-free content.

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Their professional writers will make sure that your content answers your audience’s needs and has zero errors.


The work of a digital marketer is subject to continuous evolution and maturity. You will need to be strictly organized if you want to make sure that you won’t miss deadlines.

The tools mentioned above will help you become more productive and focus your attention on brainstorming for new ideas.

You will need fresh and unique content if you want to keep your audience engaged. So, you will need various tools to help you with the organization, proofreading, and incredibly tedious research tasks.

When you count on such tools, you can free your mind and think of new topics to attract your audience.

Thank you 🙂


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