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  1. Writing content that decreases the rate of conversion

  2. Not targeting the right audience

  3. Overlooking Mobile promotion

  4. Not paying attention to your analytics

  5. No ad or landing page customization

  6. Never offering discounts or coupons

  7. Not having a blog for your website

  8. Forgetting to make videos as major part of Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing on digital platform is the rapid growing marketing strategy, and because of that, there’s a tendency to always look towards the next best thing while focusing on the lessons of the learnt from the past mistakes.

Today’s competitive business market, be it Business to Business or Business to customer market, calls for businesses to try and stand out as best as they can. By failing to do so, they are likely to give off a confused brand identity, lose sale opportunities, which in turn affects not only the business itself, but also a country’s economy.

Every digital marketers tries to do as minimum mistakes as they could and make all efforts to avoid creating loopholes because mistakes can be the pitfalls in the growth of your business. But developing an awareness and understanding from the past mistakes is one of the best ways to pave a path to future success.

Now businesses are more aware while investing in any digital marketing professional, as the mistakes made by digital marketers in tailoring the strategy for business can affect the growth and sales to large extent. Thus they look upon the work and judge the capabilities as well as mistakes too before investing on Digital Marketing.

Mistakes made by Digital Marketers:



  1. Writing content that decreases the rate of conversion
  2. Not targeting the right audience
  3. Overlooking Mobile promotion
  4. Not paying attention to your analytics
  5. No ad or landing page customization
  6. Never offering discounts or coupons
  7. Not having a blog for your website
  8. Forgetting to make videos as major part of Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Writing content that decreases the rate of conversion

Editing of content is important before posting it on your website, content is still king. New on-site content posted regularly has the potential to bring visitors to your website while providing you with shareable information for social media and other channels. Your content can help you build authority in your niche and provide value to customers and potential customers alike.


Again, attractive, well-written content is only useful if it serves a purpose. Not only should content be customer-centric, it should also connect with the right customer at the right time. Convert your content with high value words so that it can gives you a better results.

  • Not targeting the right audience


Targeting right customers are very important. Your products may reach to a high number of people, but it doesn’t assure your high market values. You should know about the audience, means if you are showing the ads to those audience who was already shop from your business and not those who aren’t shop from your website then your re-targeting efforts will go to waste.


It is better to know about your customer first by figure out those customers who might be interested or take advantage from the offer you provide or by running campaigns through social media it is easy to target right audience and this will help raise the visibility of your brand and company. Some of these advertisement options come through ongoing businesses in communities, no matter if they’re virtual and digital or real and local.

  • Overlooking Mobile Promotion

Mobile App Advertisement

Web surfing is mostly done through mobile and it is very important for digital marketers to create mobile version of your site first, rather than the desktop version. Desktop is no longer the main priority. Mobile usage has exploded and Google is responding. As a business owner, marketing professional, SEO agency or anyone who owns a website, it’s important you shift your thinking, too.

best way to advertise

On a mobile device with a small screen size, it’s essential to make sure that information is easily accessible and understandable. Incorporate buttons, links and collapsible tabs to keep information organized and make the best use of space. Don’t use text or images that aren’t large enough for people to easily view on their mobile devices. Finally, add important action buttons and best images towards the top of the screen to grab attention before you lose users.

Ultimately, the best mobile-friendly website check is to evaluate your own experience on your mobile device. If you experience any inconveniences, issues or irritations, make the necessary changes.

  • Not paying attention to your analytics

Analytics is an important tool for digital marketers to measure the traffic of website. Tracking your website analytics is like following the clues that will lead you to your ultimate, like which content is working well, which isn’t, and what you should be doing to improve traffic and conversions.

Analytics tracking

There are lot of benefits you will get after paying attention to your analytics such as:

  • Know your visitors: You can identify the geographical information of your website visitors using their IP address.
  • Tack where traffic is coming from.
  • Know exactly what your customers want.
  • See where you are losing customers.

  • No ads or landing page customization

Not only do you need to separate your audience but you need customized ads for each section too. Landing page is, simple and can be useful because the data they provide to the user is relevant and related to the advertisement that led them to the landing page. You should make sure to customize your landing page to your retargeting ads, otherwise you lose your sales.

landing page

If someone has purchased a product from you, you can target them with a specific ad to upsell to them or encourage re-ordering instead of showing them too many ads that aren’t relevant to them. You’ll want your traffic to be evenly distributed among a number of pages. Having one or two landing pages that attract most of your traffic is a precarious situation to be in: if you lose one referral source or rankings for one important keyword, your traffic can plummet overnight.

  • Never offering discounts and Coupons

Reward your customers. Rewards is also worked as tool to maintain your customer. Offering discounts and promotions helps to uplift buying and get people to your website. As every customer loves discount and always search for heavy discount that, which website give lot of discount. Offering discounts will increase traffic to your store and web page.

discountAdvertise your sales clearly. Promotions can usually help increase your sales, as well. Offering a discount doesn’t mean that your customers won’t purchase items listed at full price. Surely, they will pick up a few things at a discounted rate. But if something else catches their eye, they may even be more willing to purchase it because they got a deal on the items on sale.

Coupons also build a stronger relationship with your clients. Customers are always looking for coupons to make their purchase at low cost. So providing discounts and promotions time to time helps you in building healthy relationship with your customers and also get and maintain traffic at your website.


  • Not having a blog for your website

Every website needs blog which helps to increase inbound links and traffic as well. It can also help you to build relationship with your customers. It’s a creative way for you to interact with consumers and for the consumers to interact with you, as well. Let people comment on your blog and you should respond to those comments. It is also a great place to get feedback from your customer. People aren’t restricted in voicing their opinions on blogs.

blogYou can also integrate your blogs with social media. If you find yourself struggling to come up with new posts to share on your social media pages each day, your blogs can help. Share the links to your blog posts with your followers on social media. It’s a great way to keep all of your pages active.

  • Forgetting to make videos as major part of Digital Marketing Strategy

Video marketing strategy

Most people think of Facebook and Twitter when they hear the words social media. But what about YouTube? You can also use the videos from your YouTube channel on other digital marketing platforms. Don’t forget about Facebook videos, either. Even Instagram lets you post videos that are 1 minute long.

Videos are engaging and help capture the attention of consumers. Video content marketing is a great strategy to get people to check out your website. It can generate new leads and ultimately lead to conversions. If you’ve never used videos as a marketing technique, that’s OK, but it’s time for you to learn how to get started with video marketing.


There are few mistakes done by digital marketers which they ignore and thus face lots of difficulties i.e. not getting much traffic, customers not responding to their blogs, etc. If you learn from these mistakes and correct it within time you can easily make your website and instantly make your business popular among customers.

I hope this post has given you the ‘clues’ you need to perform website analysis for your site. This will helps you in finding your mistakes, and at the same time providing you with suitable corrective measures.

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