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Well on 25th Oct at 11:15 p.m, Prabhakar Alok founded a very good post from Sannah Ali Linkedin wall. So, He Decided to merge these answers and people can read easily.



So, She shares her interest that how she keeps herself happy or how she uplift Her mood.

👉 Listen to your favorite (happy) song/ music
👉 Express gratitude for all that you have
👉 Watch an inspirational/comical video
👉 Call your loved one for a quick chat
👉 Change your environment (going into another room for a few minutes helps too)


✅ What do you do to boost your mood? ask by Sannah Ali

well..!! People came up with different opinions when the question arises. Some of the opinions were as follows:-

  • Cook! Trust me every time I cook something I find myself at so much peace. And smiling! – Harneet Kaur
  • Whirling, Chanting mantrasListening to music, divine music, Reading motivational books, listening to podcasts of inspirational people, Taking a stroll along the beach, feel the waves licking your palms, Watch the morning flowers, birds take flight, stars scattered in the night sky Be grateful to everyone in the universe ( Including Flora and Fauna), Smile at strangers, and Many more. Ramasarma Adivarahasarma
  • I do first thing Listening Music and singing only that thing I can boost myself or release all pressures…… For me, music is the best booster… Prateek Shukla
  • Weirdly. Anger uplifts my confidence & that in-turn changes my mood. Rishabh Rastogi
  • I do meditate and chanting “Om Namaha: Shivaya! Or Chanting “Om Sai Ram” which is very powerful and also Lord Krishna along with all great saints have advised the God’s Name Magic-Very powerful mood booster. When all routes are closed then only one route is open i.e.God’s Temple. So I often visit the temple. Apart from that stay in the environment, nature will teach you all great mindset with positive vibes too.👌👍 CMA Sachin Bhate
  • Listening to music, watching movies!!! Reading some old saved facebook posts (inspirational ones). Deepak Singh
  • Analyze yourself. Think about, what hits you the best. What charges you the most. What boosts your mood and what motivates you the most. Recall your goals or your dream. Recall your struggle, progress, urge and to do list to achieve that. Pradeep Shinde
  • Meditation, morning walk and hanging out with friendsChiranjeevi Sarin
  • I just took my pen and diary, and express my feelings through words.  It will come up a hazy paragraph with incomprehensible lines. But yes! It gives me fresh air, immense happiness. That’s how I uplift my mood. Arnabi Banerjee
  • I watch Comedy clips, play with my Daughter or watch her pics/Videos, I call my friends, Spend time with my Pet Sandy. Santhosh D.
  • When the mood is really off music seems a noise, nothing works only time heals the wound. Shyam Sunder Sharma
  • Yoga & meditationYogita Oza
  • 1. Smile

    2. Keep yourself busy

    3. Talk to someone

    4. Help others

    5. Live in the moment

    6. Watching Raghav  Juyal’s Acts

    7. Play Cricket

    8. Watching MSD – Prabhakar Alok

These are things people love to do to boost their moods. Go On, Disclose to Us What You Think!

Did we miss something? Go ahead! Reveal to us what you think about this article on What do you do to boost your mood?” in the Comment box.


Prabhakar Alok


4 thoughts on “5 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR MOOD”

  1. Harneet Kaur

    This came out to be really a nice one. Loved reading how we cope up with our stress by following simple ways. Interestingly, I observed none of us mentioned grand bucks. See we always knew life is simple!

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