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(Last Updated On: 06/01/2020)

Top Classified Sites in India

Free Directory Sites Is Bedpage.Com

Most people who choose to advertise their products and services on free classified sites have a limited marketing budget. The classified sites are the top choices of the small business owner.

If you own a small business and wish to grow quickly with effective marketing, you must create seller profile on top directory sites like today.

The following game plan will help you advertise your products effective on the free directory sites in a limited budget.

Step 1: Choose the Most Reliable Directory Sites

The most reliable directory sites offer excellent buying as well as selling experience. They have dedicated customer support teams who can review the technical queries of the sellers.

The quick resolution of the technical queries helps the sellers on these sites sell their product without a hitch. You must select at least 5 to 10 different free classified sites to expand your reach on the internet.

Step 2: Create Ads for the Top Classified Sites

Once you have selected the different sites, create ads for your products so that you can post them on these sites. Create engaging and attractive posts for your audience.

It is a good idea to keep the needs of your direct audience in mind before creating the post. You can conduct a focus group study or market research to see which posts attract the audience the most.

Step 3: Use a Scheduler to Post Ads Regularly on the Different Classified Sites

The consistency of posting the ads on the free directory sites plays a crucial role in the success of your overall marketing campaign.

It is a good idea to post at least 2 to 3 times every week. Since you do not spend any money in the posting process itself, you can invest it in generating great content for your audience.

Step 4: Keep Exploring New Free Classified Sites

Keep expanding your portfolio of the free directory sites to expand the reach of your ads further. Establish a rule to add 1 or 2 new classified sites every month and remove the ones that are not working.

Experimenting with different top directory sites will help your marketing portfolio grow consistently.

Step 5: Keep a Track of Your Progress on the Sites

Once you have posted an ad on the website, you should not forget about it. Instead, you should keep a track of these ads and see which ones are working best.

Once you do so, you will be able to identify the ads that show the best results. Replicate the components of these ads so that the other ads function in a similar way.

Keep changing the keywords, images, and other critical factors of your ads so that it keeps growing over time. When you optimize your ads according to the needs of the market and your audience, you give it more room to grow consistently.

Choose a reliable free classified site like to get the best online selling experience.

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