How digital marketers can improve their writing 

(Last Updated On: 29/11/2018)

How digital marketers can improve their writing 

In this article, we desire to provide you with some proposal so that you can build up content for the web that is more useful. The creation of effective and relevant content is very important within the content marketing strategy of your digital marketing plan.


  • When you write a post on your blog you do it with a goal, you want to get the person who reads it to do something. You may write a comment, visit a sales page, subscribe to your newsletter …
  • When you send a prospecting email you want to get your prospect to respond and start a conversation.
  • When you write your email marketing campaigns you also have goals: build trust, increase your reputation, inform your readers, make a sale …
  • And all these marketing strategies have one aspect in common: writing.

What is it and how can persuasive writing help you?

  • According to some popular websites, persuasive writing (copywriting in English) is intended to persuade someone to buy a product or influence their beliefs.
  • Put another way and for you to understand, is a writing technique designed to “invite” the reader to do something.
  • It is used mostly in the field of advertising, but in recent years it is very common to see how it is widely used in blogs, social networks and of course … email.
  • The success of your emails has to be based on the power of persuasion. Your email marketing strategy will not be successful if you are not able to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.
  • That is why it is highly recommended that you know the techniques of persuasive writing of emailing copywriter that you will be able to use in your Email Marketing campaigns from today.


Grammar lookup is one of best tool which is used to improve your writing. It helps to check the grammar and spelling of your essay at free of cost. Click here to visit Grammarlookup 

Sentence checkup :  

It is one of best Grammarly alternatives free. Which one can use to check sentence and grammar? It is browser based application so no needs to download anything.


  • To write so that the content is adapted to the web you must be concise. Being concise in your texts makes them attractive, for this, you can:
  • Write short texts, as a basic rule think about reducing at least 50% any text you write to be read on paper
  • Eliminate unnecessary repetitions and adjectives that do not add meaning to the text
  • Keep short sentences
  • Write ideas in short paragraphs of no more than six sentences in them
  • Eliminate all sales text in your content: users appreciate that the text is honest and not only oriented to sell the product or service
  • Adapt the depth level of the content to the knowledge of your audience. In some cases, part of the audience may require additional information to understand part of the text. It is important to include this additional information so that it is easy to access but do not include it in the main text if it is not necessary for the bulk of your audience.
  • Convert paragraphs that include a lot of information in the form of numbers or statistics in tables that are easier to read and understand for the user.

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