How to Change Your LinkedIn Profile URL

(Last Updated On: 18/02/2019)

How to Change Your LinkedIn Profile URL

Well, Its all start from one questions asked by Prabhakar Alok ( Founder of Digiwalebabu & Digitalgurucool  i.e. methat Guys..!! why you all should have not optimized your LinkedIn Profile Url.



Prabhakar Alok

A Good Reply came from Hardik Lashkari

He Shared his LinkedIn post which is posted about 4 months ago.

Read the Below Post:-

Even after updating summary, professional experience and education, I was getting neither profile views nor any good leads out of Linkedin.

I tried everything I could. I tried updating and re-updating my profile to see nothing change.

This was until one day when I found something really interesting in the profiles of all influencers. 

They all were using one important thing – and although I was aware of it, I never paid heed to it.

I didn’t care to change it. But when I changed it finally, I saw a drastic positive change in my profile views.

People started viewing it more and gradually everything became good. 

What is that one important thing? – Customized short public profile URL.

For those of you who don’t know what it is, just go to your profile on laptop/ computer and see the URL.

If you haven’t customized it, you’ll see a very long web address.

You can make it short and simple. How? Just go to “Edit Public Profile & URL” on the right-hand side of the profile and edit URL. Ideally, your URL should be “

This is very important for SEO purposes since Google indexes your profile on top of the search results based on the LinkedIn Profile URL.

Plus, if you want to LinkedIn ID in CV, this short URL can be easily put and is professional too.

For more details, you can check:-

This is the great knowledge share by Hardik. Digiwalebabu appreciates that.


Prabhakar Alok

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