How to Earn Your First 100 Dollars with Digital Marketing

How to Earn Your First 100 Dollars with Digital Marketing

(Last Updated On: 20/09/2019)

How to Earn Your First 100 Dollars with Digital MarketingHow to Earn Your First 100 Dollars with Digital Marketing

Tag someone who doesn’t want to earn money and I will leave this field
People may state any reason for getting into Digital Marketing but the end goal is always to earn some cash.
I started it for promoting my own blogs but now I am using my skills to get money.
Content writing and WordPress management was my first work to earn money.
I earned close to 200 dollars in a span of 3 months (2016). And i was in my first year of graduation
Anyone can start earning money online in just a few months. But if you don’t have a proper plan and dedication then you should not waste time.
Below are the steps that I followed to earn my first 100 Dollars with Digital Marketing and you could too.

Step 1: Choose a Specific Niche in Digital Marketing.

-> Whichever that ignites you like for me Content Marketing & SEO is more suitable than Paid ads and other DM niches.
-> The main problem with people is that they do it all at once.
-> You can move to more niches later.

Step 2: Invest your time and energy into that niche.

-> Learn it well through online or offline courses.
-> Practice on at least 2-3 self or friend’s projects to showcase results.

Step 3. Build a highly attractive portfolio.

-> “Jo Dikhta hai Vahi Bikta Hai”.
-> Add all your past projects, skills and expertise.Instead of selling yourself as a product use Storytelling.

Step 4: People are already pissed off by experts all over the Internet.

-> Instead of forcing them to take your services, Showcase your results.
-> Clients will come to you and not the other way around.
-> I got more than 5 clients from this group and I never promoted my work.

Step 5: Have a proper pricing structure but never get fixed to it.

-> Understand what your client demands and use your pricing structure to get the best pricing details.
As Anmol Garg stated, “Position Yourself”

Step 6: Focus only on one client at the beginning and satisfy him.

-> He will be the best marketing asset for you.

Step 7: Don’t waste your first earning on parties.

-> Invest them on your projects
And the main point: Never start anything just for earning money. Learn something new every day and get skilled, earnings will follow.
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