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(Last Updated On: 29/08/2018)

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Here is a sort article/Para from my upcoming Book,may be its beneficial for You,How’s it is.!!

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morning motivation habits
It is a great day to start something big – motivational handwriting on a napkin with a cup of coffee

Have you charged your battery?

If you don’t charge your mobile phone battery, then you cannot communicate with the world. Many get upset if the battery gets drained.

To use your iPhone for one day, you may have to charge it for 1-3 hours. Even the same with your iPad also. Do you know that there is another super gadget available.

Are you aware of it? If so, have you charged the super gadget? This gadget is the world’s best architecture too. You can’t buy this, but you can own it. It’s called iBody!

Have you charged your iBody? How?

You can charge your iBody by any one of the following techniques:

1. 10 mins breathing exercises
2. 10 mins of meditation
3. 15 mins of walking/jogging/swimming/yoga etc
4. 15 mins of reading
5. Sleeping at the right time
6. Eating fruits & vegetables daily
7. Do one random act of kindness to anonymous person
8. Think & be optimistic
9. Contemplating on the highest for 5-10 mins daily
10. Charity/Religious activity

Charging your iBody daily, keeps you healthy, wealthy & happy!
Have a Happy Day!

Joyfully Yours,

Mr.Anshuman Singh

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