5 Reasons Why Your CV is not getting Shortlisted

(Last Updated On: 07/11/2018)

5 reasons why your cv is not getting shortlisted

5 Reasons Why Your CV is not getting Shortlisted

So, the Questions arises from Sandeep Kochhar is 5 reasons why your cv is not getting shortlisted, Sandeep Kochhar shared his Opinion too that are as follow:-

  1. Does your cv have an interesting storyline which would interest the reader? Does your cv show what is unique about you?
  2. A good cv takes at least 40 hours to build, how much time have you invested in it? When did you last update it? Did you copy the format or Did someone else write the cv for you?
  3. Does your cv show only skills & experience or does it highlight your achievements both within & outside work? If there is nothing outside work have you attempted to concentrate on building it? Have you got the relevant certifications in your cv?
  4. Do you write a fresh cover letter & tailor your cv each time you apply for a job? Or do you just send the same cv to everyone?
  5. Do you apply for jobs only through job portals or does your cv get referred to the hiring manager? Have you spent time in understanding why your cv is getting rejected? If you are not doing these then it may take roughly 10,000 job applications to land a job. Do share any other pointers or your experiences.

Well Today ( 11th Oct 2018 ), Prabhakar Alok founded a very good post from Sandeep Kochhar’s Linkedin wall. So, He Decided to merge these answers and people can read easily. well..!! People came up with different opinions when the question arises. Some of the opinions were as follows:-

  • Though I am not HR but based on my experience I would like to share my understanding about CV which may be informative or may not be. CV first aims are to impress recruiter immediately. CV is the most valuable and important document coz it is your first direct communication with proposed employer hence it should be carefully written..designed so that it leaves a positive impact on key decision makers. When any HR read your CV please ensure he or she should be able to quickly gain a clear indication of your experiences and potential. Kept in mind the recruiter is reading your first time without meeting you hence it should be error free. CV can be divided into 5 or 6 parts like a Personal summary…career objective…career history… academic qualifications… references.. areas of expertise etc. A good CV should have a positive outlook… showing your strengths and experiences linked to the job where you are applying. CV must contain Quality… Clarity…Relevancy… Usefulness. CV should not be too much lengthy..must be within 2 or 3 pages only.. though I saw in premium management institutions like IIM or ISB..they make CV only of 1 page. Said, Umesh Verma.
  • If the company recruit TALENT, then no need for good CV! Said Gurdayal Singh
  • This is only wrong, abilities are not seen and people.are shortlisted on the basis of CVs.- Himani Makkar
  • How to tailor our CVs as per the job? In case of a fresher’s perspective? Said, Harleen Gujral
  • It is necessary to make changes in CV according to JD. Every JD needs different CV. Replied Surender Kumar
  • Even if CV get noticed, how many times do you think HR reads the CV and understand weightage of the CV? I think companies should provide proper training to HR about the role they want to hire and what they should look into CV before randomly calling candidates… Said by Ashutosh T.
  • CV writing has become a cunning art. If flowery language and inadequate truth are what selectors are looking then they will never hire the correct person. I firmly believe that CV should be handwritten by an individual. It should be about what they understand of the position applied for and how they think they can contribute. It should be more with an ideological concept for the position. Qualification and certification don’t necessarily give you the best person for the job. Said, Rajat Misra
  • hiring a CV is never a great idea. I’ve read somewhere.. “hire character, train skill”. Replied Amiya Roy
  • I have 10 years of industrial experience and feel HR are blind persons. In many cases, they only ask the candidate, only qualifications, some similar questions like, do you have experience in project sale or not?? Do you use to go to the contractor, architect? Some are also like you have done on this technology or not Here also, I want to mention this is not guaranteed for the job. It depends upon your confidence and luck. But the chance of getting a job will more… If you read carefully your JD. Before going to interview. Said by Sanjay Sharma

Again, Prabhakar Alok wanted to add more value to this topic, so he researched a lot on 5 reasons why your cv is not getting shortlisted this topic. So he discovered a very effective post from Sunandita Roy Linkedin’s Wall .

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