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What is an XML sitemap, How can we create an XML Sitemap and How to submit an XML sitemap to Google Search Console

(Last Updated On: 09/01/2020)

What is an XML sitemap?

In straightforward terms, it’s a directory of a site’s URLs. That is the reason it’s known as a sitemap. It maps out how the site is organized and what the site incorporates.

(“XML” known for “Extensible Markup Language,” a method for showing data on sites.).

Why XML Sitemap?

Search Engines utilize crawlers to sort out and list data on the web. These crawlers can peruse a wide range of data. However, an XML sitemap makes it simple for the crawler to perceive what’s on your site and file it.

When it does this, your site has a more grounded probability of enhancing its rank rapidly.

An XML sitemap works, basically, as a chapter by chapter guide for your site, enabling the crawler to get the fundamentals and list your site as needs be.

Sitemaps can tell web search tools when a page was refreshed, the recurrence of updates to the page, the general significance of pages inside a site, and how to discover and list content that might be discovered profound inside the website’s structure.

Benefits of an XML sitemap

  1. An XML sitemap advises Google to crawl and list your site.
  2. An XML sitemap discloses to Google what to crawl on your site.
  3. An XML sitemap reveals to Google what sort of data is on your site.
  4. An XML sitemap reveals to Google when your Content was refreshed (which could result in more good or “new” rankings).
  5. An XML sitemap reveals to Google how frequently your content is refreshed.
  6. An XML sitemap discloses to Google how essential your content is.
  7. An XML sitemap helps your site immediately gain indexation for powerfully created pages.
  8. An XML sitemap enables greatly huge destinations to increase better and more sorted out indexation.
  9. An XML sitemap enables Google to slither your site in a more powerful manner.
  10. An XML sitemap indicates Google every one of the pages on your site, regardless of whether they are profound inside the design and may not generally be crawl as fast.

How to Create an XML Sitemap


  1. You have to generate Sitemaps so first, you have to create your sitemap via Sitemap Generator tools.Sitemap Generator Tools
  2. Now Enter your website link and hit the Start button. After a few minutes, An XML Sitemap automatically generated.XML Sitemap File
  3. Now download your XML Sitemap Files.
  4. Now you have to upload this XML Sitemaps in the domain root folder of your website.

How to submit an XML sitemap to Google Search Console

  1. Create your Account on Google Search console.
  2. search console setupConnect Your Website to the Google search console.
  3. Go to the Google Search Console and click the Crawl button and you will find the Sitemaps option.search console Dashboard
  4. Now Click on Sitemaps.click Sitemap
  5. Now You have to click on Add/Test SITEMAP.Add Sitemaps
  6. Next, you have to enter your website URL which is saved in XML files. Only you have to write sitemap.xmlOnly write sitemap.xml
  7. Now refresh the page and you will find that your XML Sitemaps are submitted.


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